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Being on Amazon is an opportunity for you to grow your business. It may not be the only way to do that, but it definitely is an excellent way to expand your business into new markets, new products, and new customers.

The best way to succeed on Amazon is to build a strong foundation of understanding how it works.

The best minds at IAMSME Network USA experts were put to work while designing this course. It helps you understand the Indian MSMEs landscape better, which is not possible with books or internet research alone. It offers practical insights into the intricacies of the micro, small and medium sector in India. As an entrepreneur, when one needs to understand what is happening at ground zero before taking any business decisions about expansion or product development, nothing can replace an experienced insight into the matter.

What will you learn?

Amazon Specialist course aims to help you become successful in Amazon. There are five modules covering different aspects of being on Amazon, including:

  • Creating a product listing
  • Marketing your product on Amazon
  • Responding effectively to customer service problems
  • Optimising your profitably
  • Growing your business using Amazon marketplace tools.

Why should you choose IAMSME Network’s Amazon Specialist course?

Time is Money, and there are a lot of ways to waste it.

We believe time is better spent on more important things like growing your business. When it comes to Amazon, our course can help you stay focused on what matters most by showing you how to make the most out of Amazon’s interface with none of the hassles.

We will teach you how to use Amazon’s powerful yet complicated interface to grow your brand by showing you some simple but effective strategies that save time, improve efficiency and increase sales.

Gain reliable information

We will show you how to quickly create competitive listings for new products, monitor your inventory levels and adjust them accordingly so that no products are over- or under-stocked. With all this information at hand, you will be able to keep track of what’s happening with your business at any time.

Grow on Amazon marketplace

Congratulations on reaching this point!

Now that you’ve learned the basics, it’s now time to look at managing your business on a day-to-day basis and further grow your business over one of the world’s leading platforms.

We train via the power of the internet!

All of our training is done online, from the comfort of your home or office. We’ll teach you everything you need to know using screen-sharing technology, and all our videos are available to view anytime.

Key Takeaways from Amazon Specialist Training Program

  • Get acquainted with different tools and techniques to navigate your Amazon account.
  • We’ll guide you through important strategies that will help you to grow your sales on the most powerful e-commerce platform in the world.
  • We have added a wide range of resources and information for you to use and reference after the training has been completed.
  • Increase your rankings on Amazon, improve your product search rankings, increase exposure to potential customers.
  • An eagle-eye examination of Amazon’s ToS will help you avoid unnecessary fees, fines, and penalties.
  • Confidence to manage and maintain an Amazon seller account.
  • We specialise in avoiding listing shutdowns and account suspensions by providing the knowledge to set up your account properly.
Enroll today and be the change to help small businesses compete online. Be part of something big!

We are here to help your business scale in the United States. We take care of the logistics, leaving you to focus on your core competencies.

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