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Sourcing has been the key strength in the e-commerce industry. With a good sourcing network, it becomes very easy for e-Entrepreneurs (e-commerce Entrepreneurs) to start and operate their businesses.

IAMSME Network headquartered at Atlantic City in the United States has been constantly working in the E-commerce industry, therefore we understand the needs and expectations of e-buyers. At IAMSME we have builded a network of trusted suppliers who can continuously  solve your long term and short term sourcing needs.

COVID-19 has changed the world and we all have witnessed the true power of e-commerce. Today we have a lot of e-entrepreneurs who are looking to develop their product line/ successfully run their business on e-commerce.  From Strategic Sourcing to Tactical sourcing we have created a strong network that can fulfill E-enterpreneur sourcing needs.

Setting up a Manufacturing plant in some countries can be very expensive and time-consuming. There is a lot of Licensing involved in setting up a  Manufacturing Unit. Sourcing your product and getting up a quick start on e-commerce has brought the world together in the 21st century.

Our team is constantly working to find the potential products that can capture a good amount of market share. Just like the Columbus, in search of finding our own products, our team has build a strong sourcing network in India that can solve your sourcing needs.

Sick and Tired of Chinese Sourcing Agent

If you are sick and tired of Chinese manufacturers and are looking to source products at a competitive price than China, then India is preferably your next sourcing option. Indian products being a possible alternative to Chinese products, has the potential to conquer the American market.

Iamsme Network has built a network for all the American e-Entrepreneurs to source their product needs from India. India with Demographic Dividend playing on its side is all set to be the world’s next product sourcing Hub. Iamsme Network has been continuously heading forward in strengthening the trade between India and The United States Of America.

No Need To Find A Sourcing Agent

IAMSME Network helps in sourcing products from India, Sourcing products with the help of a sourcing agent makes it very easy and convenient for all the e-Entrepreneurs. IAMSME Network is your only sourcing agent in India, We are working in the direction where we teach and we create more and more skilled force back in India.

IAMSME Network in India through its Training program is creating a huge workforce of people who would be making trade look easy for both countries. We are creating a team of people who are Export specialists, e-Entrepreneurs, and Sourcing Agents thus covering everything that was earlier the barriers to Trade.

Product Sourcing is a very crucial process of procuring products for business. IAMSME Network in India has been working with India’s best manufacturers and we provide you with the best possible match that you are looking for.

Start Enjoying, What we have Build

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We don’t have a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). We endeavour to locate the greatest items and satisfy all of your requirements, regardless of the size of your order.

Lower Sourcing Price

We get five quotes from well-known, dependable vendors. Our convincing salesperson will negotiate on your behalf to provide the finest possible quality at the most affordable price.


We Can Source Everything You Want

Our expertise and talents in the sourcing area are solid, thanks to our many years of experience. Even for the rarest of commodities, we think we can assist you in finding the proper source.

Integrate One-Stop Bundling

We can source many things from numerous vendors at once to save you time and increase the efficiency of your organisation. Our services include product assembly and packing so that they are ready to resell.


Sample Production

We’ll discuss and manage your product specs for samples after we’ve discovered your appropriate supplier.

We will give you the samples after they have been made. We will confirm your product run with the supplier when you have confirmed that you are completely pleased with the sample.

Real-Time Production Follow-Up

After you’ve made your purchase, we’ll keep track of it throughout the manufacturing process. You can count on candid, real-time comments as well as on-time delivery.


Cost-Effective Delivery Solution

You may only finalize your purchase once you are pleased with what we have sourced and quoted. Our service charge will be deducted from the total cost of your order.

Before your purchase is produced, there are no upfront expenses. We promise that your order will not be subject to any extra fees.

Our Current Sourcing Partners from India

To be registered as IAMSME Network sourcing partner we consider the following:-

  • Product Compliance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
If you think you are capable please reach out to us.

We are here to help your business scale in the United States. We take care of the logistics, leaving you to focus on your core competencies.

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Get In Touch

USA Headquarters

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India Office

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