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We at IAMSME will be the catalyst to realise such a dream and are sure to take Indian MSMEs across the USA.

We are a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs and will create an ecosystem of investors and service providers, bridging the gap between great businesses and the USA markets.

To support the idea, we provide a spectrum of solutions to Indian MSMEs.

Open new business channels directly in the USA.

With IAMSME, India-based MSMEs can now sell their Made-in-India products directly to American consumers and small businesses, which is a great way to open business channels. This will also be a good way for US consumers and small US businesses to connect with Indian businesses and establish new partnerships.

Take on the competition and streamline operations with our integrated value chain.

If you want to join the growing ranks of sellers in the USA, now you can do so and enjoy low operating and storage costs. Our warehouses will handle inventory and shipping for you. At the same time, you can sell products at competitive prices to gain from a higher market share.

Thus, IAMSME provides you with a comprehensive solution to manage your business on a larger scale by providing warehouse storage, logistics, and shipping services. IAMSME Network is lowering the cost of entry for domestic MSME manufacturers and service providers to get exclusive access to target US market segments. We are creating a robust engagement environment that fosters networking opportunities between American consumers and Indian MSMEs.

We will accomplish this goal by helping to strengthen, support, and connect existing small manufacturing and service business owners

Support that helps you accomplish dream-like business targets.

You can meet US standards and still hold onto your originality and uniqueness.

Evaluations offer reliability that makes your products and services suitable for consumers in the USA market. With an international network of experts, we are experts in conducting validation tests that ensure your products and services meet quality standards, protect you from risks, and give you time to spend on what you do best.

US standards and laws can be tricky and demand careful conformance.

At IAMSME, we provide business and legal services tailored to your specific needs and assist you in staying compliant with federal and state regulations. We understand the US market and familiarize you with formalities such as mailers, notifications, disclaimers, and licenses.

Our experience in handling various kinds of transactions allows us to spot potential issues quickly and take preventive measures to avoid any problems.

Thus, let our experience and expertise in business law protect you from all the possible legal roadblocks.

Without a strong platform to launch your business, you’re left spinning your wheels.

Connect with us, and let us help you get there.

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USA Headquarters

1000 S Washington Ave, Pleasantville NJ 08232

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