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Empowering MSMEs to be successful businesses.

They say ideas are priceless, but for molding an idea into reality- you need assistance. IAMSME is there for every stage of your business to help you realize the ultimate success. Our services are designed to meet your needs to help you grow.

For you, we streamline everything needed for placing products on Amazon. From setting up your account to optimizing its promotional activities as well as negotiating the best prices for you from suppliers, we do it all to increase the ROI for your products.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur struggling to get your business off the ground, keep reading. We’ve got everything you need to make your dream a reality.

Even if you're a startup with a shoestring budget, it doesn't matter—your success is inevitable!

After the launch, your eCommerce store manages to eat into the competitors’ market share. This is where your business makes the profits that were always imaginable for it!

Thus, once we push the button for launching your store, you can kick back and relax. Your store is now live 24X7, and you will be benefiting from all the perks of an eCommerce site.

But how will you manage your store that’s online 24×7?

As you grow, you need the right team to help you get there. Whether it’s sales or marketing, office space or IT, IAMSME got your back with the right people and tools for your needs.

We allot your eCommerce Account- Account Managers!

Your orders are monitored 24×7, and we’re dedicated to getting you results. We’ll collaborate with you to create an ideal order processing strategy and assign a dedicated account manager to your account to ensure that your orders get processed effectively and efficiently.

Global umbrella platform that focuses on eCommerce and creates a brand around your product.

IAMSME Network has tailored its eCommerce solutions, system and network to allow you to deal with your full-time business while the system takes care of all your other responsibilities.

The survival of an employee in an organization is possible only when he plays multiple roles. We conduct training sessions to connect your employees with industry experts to bring out the best in them. We ensure that your employees learn the real problem-solving methodologies, information security and other market-driven resources.

While providing a vast range of information on the eCommerce landscape, we also ensure that we help MSMEs stay ahead of the curve by providing industry insights through curated content.


Category Approval

Not all the sellers have all the categories approved for selling, only the mature sellers have all the categories unlocked. Category approval may give you hard times but now you don’t need to worry about it.

For selling products under certain categories you need to apply for category approval. Our team will guide you and with the help of our team now you would be able to unlock all the categories on time, which will result in saving your time and will fetch you sales.

Product Quality Listing

Product listing plays an important role in getting your success.

Writing content for your product is an art that makes you stand out of the Que. The keywords used while listing the products plays a key role in the success of an amazon store.

Product title, Product description, Product content, Bullet Points, The material used in making the product plays a very crucial role in your success. By joining our hands now, you don’t need to devote your time to doing the research.

IAMSME has a team of in-house content writers who have been working in this field for the last 6 years for our clients in The United States. A quality product content helps you to get an early sales and it helps you to generate your BSR.

SEO Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process through which your Amazon product is ranked highly on Amazon searches. After optimizing your listing you make it easy for your product to be listed on the top of the search engine.

IAMSME NETWORK understands the importance of SEO in getting your sales. IAMSME NETWORK has a team of experts who are continuously working on helping all our customers with SEO.

  • Benefits of SEO
  • Quality Traffic
  • Moving ahead of the competition
  • Increases Brand Visibility

Brand Registration

Brand Registration is a privilege that a seller gets only when a seller has an active registered Trademark. Brand Registration helps the buyer to know more about the products you sell and it helps in building trust and goodwill which helps you to increase your loyal customers.

Brand registration protects you from infringement. Amazon has a simple and powerful tool that will help you to report whenever someone adds your product in their catalogue. It is very important for a brand owner to report if any infringement takes place, because there are times when someone will sell your product for their advantage. Not all the sellers have such privilege of adding your product on their catalogue, but with brand registration you can protect and control your product sale on amazon.

Giving your buyer a perfect experience is all Brand Registration is about. IAMSME Network will help you out in all the above situations. IAMSME Network will help you out in building your brand. So, Join our hands and let’s invest time in Brand Recognition.


Advertising plays an important role in the success of your product. After post launch it is very important for a buyer to start advertising their products/brands.

Formulating strategies is a tough job, with IAMSME NETWORK you don’t need to devote time on formulating strategies. Our advertising team will do all the hard which will help you to focus on how to deliver a better customer experience for your customer.


IAMSME Network advertising team has worked for our clients in India as well as in The United States. Our advertising team will help you with reducing your CPC and increasing your impressions.


Deals are accessible on amazon only when amazon finds your product is potentially capable of selling more units over the period of given time. When a seller qualifies for a deal on a certain product after that they have to put a certain quantity available at amazon store.


Coupons are very important when you are advertising your product. Coupons are the best way to increase the customer loyalty towards your product. By coupons you beat your competitors. Deciding when to run a coupon is quite a task.


Promotion is a form of coupon only where you try to give a % off on the cost price to your customers. Sellers use this form of marketing to attract new customers and to increase the loyalty of their loyal customers.

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