Competition is fierce in eCommerce, but with IAMSME, you only succeed.

IAMSME Network provides a wide range of solutions that supports the implementation of eCommerce, Omnichannel and Digital Marketing. The above technologies help you to reach out and connect with your audience and generate more revenue. It also helps you to explore new customer touchpoints and channels and gain better communications with current and potential customers.

It takes a lot of hard work to become successful on any eCommerce platform. In fact, as much as 27% of small and medium-sized enterprises have tried to achieve success through an eCommerce platform, yet only a fraction have been successful. That’s because over 85% of small business owners don’t know how to leverage the platform and its full promotional power.

Our efforts enable you to take greater control and command of your business and its online presence.

Get ready for your full-blown online eCommerce venture.

IAMSME Network provides a platform for individuals and business owners at various stages of growth. We understand challenges in this era of eCommerce business, which is why we analyze your business, assist you in identifying your goals and then provide value-added services that help you achieve them.

Once you become a part of our network, it’s our responsibility to make your business relevant in the online world by taking it away from the chance of not getting noticed by the target audience.

At IAMSME Network, we can redefine your launchpad and pave a path for your success.

Every company goes through it. The big question is, “How will mine go?”

IAMSME Network helps you hit the ground running by giving your brand a head start. Our Launchpad optimization ensures your product is ready for launch from day one. Our expert team conducts an audit for your product page and optimizes it for sales.

Our goal isn’t just to help you launch online but to grow your business and propel it into the future. We leverage Amazon to boost your business prospects by entering new markets. We’re working to create a sustainable future for India’s manufacturing sector with high-quality Indian goods for the global market.

Leveraging on the digital impact, we at IAMSME aim to increase the reach of Indian SMEs to $1bn by 2025.

Amazon Storefront

Why Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most important marketplaces on the internet for Buyers, Sellers, and Entrepreneurs. It has become one of the most recognizable eCommerce platforms on the planet. This is because of the company’s passion for providing exceptional customer experience at every step of the sales journey.

Some fascinating statistics about Amazon:

  1. Research has shown that most consumers use Amazon to price check a product before they purchase it elsewhere.
  2. Right now, Prime members spend an average of $1.4K each year on Amazon.
  3. Amazon has the largest customer base in the world compared to any other eCommerce platform.
  4. One of the significant reasons for Amazon being a popular platform is the lower seller enrollment charges compared to other eCommerce portals.

At IAMSME, we aim to support and enrich the lives of MSMEs by empowering them with a suite of Amazon solutions to maximize their ROI.

Get ready for your Amazon endeavour!

Documents Required for Free Amazon account creation in India?

Email Id

Phone Number

GST Certificate

Bank Account Details

Are you suffering from a failing business on Amazon?

If your Amazon business isn’t performing well and you feel like you’ve already lost your investment of time and effort, we can help you turn things around. Instead of lamenting the issues with your brand on Amazon, build on your experience and previous errors.

A solid foundation for understanding the current market!

In our FREE web seminars, we explore the business spectrum from a variety of viewpoints. In addition to the industry trends, we discuss the platforms and opportunities available for businesses to achieve their goals. Thus, we ensure you stay updated on the latest regulatory changes as it’s imperative for your business. We share real-time information regarding new regulations on our web seminars.

Looking For Custom eCommerce Solution ?

Webever Technology is our technology partner. Over the years Webever Technolgy has worked with our American as well as our Indian Clients. We recommend you to work with Webevr Technology for as we can assure their work.

  • Web & Mobile Application Development
  • Ecommerce & Content Management Systems
  • Branding & Graphic Design
  • Digital Media Services

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