How Do We Work

IAMSME NETWORK can take care off

Product Sourcing

IAMSME Network will assist you by relieving you from the complex purchasing process.

Quality Inspection

We offer a variety of personalized quality inspection services based on your needs.

FBA Prep Service

We offer this service to assist you in better preparing before you start selling your products.

FBA Shipping Service

We provide a variety of logistics solutions in addition to our convenient shipping methods.

How We Work

Tell Us What You Need

You write your needs and you write to us at Our team will assign you a professional sourcing agent. The Agent allocated to you will understand your needs and based on your needs he will give you a perfect match for your needs.

Get The Quotation In 24-48 Hours

Our Sourcing Agent will begin the sourcing process by determining the breadth of manufacturers, suppliers, and subcontractors. You will receive a sheet with 3-5 supplier quotations once you cross-check prices and perform basic supplier verification. Samples will be ordered (if desired) and sent to you for review.

Contact And Production

We will secure the agreed conditions and negotiate terms of payment, delivery time, packaging, labeling, and specify the manufacturer's quality assurance promises after you confirm the sample and choose the final provider. Then the vast production begins.

Inspection, Payment, And Shipping

During production, we will monitor the entire process. Our weekly status report guarantees that our clients have the most up-to-date information and that everything is running well. You can pay the supplier directly, or if the supplier prefers to be paid in INR, we can pay them on your behalf. Before the supplier sends out the items, we will conduct a final quality inspection.

IAMSME Your Trusted Sourcing Agent For India

Every business person wants high profits and always looks for vendors to buy the stock at extremely low prices.

India with demographic dividend playing in its favour is all set to be the next sourcing hub. A Sourcing hub that can compete with China and that can fulfill the world demand. Iamsme Network not only helps you to source your product but from shipping to providing you warehouse space, we do it all!

The low labor costs and immense labor force in India reduce the production cost of products. So, these meager prices and large-scale manufacturing are beneficial for most traders in the World.

No doubt, you can buy cheap products (such as clothes, toys, shoes, electronics, and other items) and can earn a profit after reselling them.

Import/export is not that easy when it happens internationally, especially for a new person.

But IAMSME Network who has been working in this direction for the last decade understands the challenges. From Quality Inspection to Time Bound Delivery we look at everything on behalf of you.

Looking for Alternative to Chinese Products. IAMSME Network assures you everything you need. Reach out to us and let our team care of everything you need.


Iamsme Network being a US Based company understands the product and the needs of the American Buyer. We incorporated our office in India to understand the entire operation of sourcing and provide a one-stop solution for all the buyers, Who are sick and tired of Chinese Products.

Iamsme Network provides

Expert Advice and Support

Local Knowledge and Guanxi

Find the right supplier

Minimize the risks

Negotiate like a Pro

Build Strong Relationships

Documents Involved - Check

  •  Commercial Invoice
  •  Bill of Lading (B/L, BOL)
  •  Air Waybill (AWB)
  •  Packing List (Waybill, Shipping List)
  •  Pro forma invoice
  •  Certificate of Origin
  •  Import/Export Declaration
  •  CE Certificate
  •  Single Administrative Document (SAD
  •  Fumigation Certificate

IAMSME Network does all your documentation in India. All the documents would be sent to you through the mail.

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USA Headquarters

1000 S Washington Ave, Pleasantville NJ 08232

India Office

206 Samedh Complex, Chimanlal Girdharlal Rd, Ahmedabad, 380009

+91 9328441339

Get In Touch

USA Headquarters

1000 S Washington Ave, Pleasantville NJ 08232

India Office

206 Samedh


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