Journey That Inspirers

IAMSME Network came into existence with the motivational speech of The Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. In 2015 The prime minister visited Madison Square Garden and in his speech he clearly mentioned the contribution of Indians in the field of IT. A great leader always inspires many people to work for the betterment of society, but when we talk about Prime Minister Narendra Modi the numbers increase drastically.

The event had many Key highlights and the main highlights were how Indians are continuously working hard in making India a developed country. The  Prime Minister with his speech appealed to every individual living in India as well as outside of India to join hands and contribute in their own way in making India the land of new opportunities.

With 65% of the population under the age group of  35, India is all set to fulfill the demand of the world. With huge manpower, India in the 21st century is ready to be the Sourcing hub for the world


Development = Government Policies +Public Participation

 The Prime Minister in his speech clearly mentioned that the Development of any nation is only possible when the government policies promote social welfare and when there is public participation.

It is the duty of every Indian residing in India or Abroad to come together for the betterment of India.

India clearly Proving Point

With a promising early start in the 21st century, India has already shown the world its true Power. Contributing in development and making the planet a better place to live has always been the key highlights of Indian Culture.

For NRIs, IAMSME Network is providing a network through which you can connect with India once again by Sourcing, Investing, and By enjoying the compatible Production Cost.

Providing Cost-Effective Solution

Indians being strong in Mathematics, know how to control the cost, and with their knowledge and their hard work they have proved their dominance in the 21st century by the launch of the project Chandrayan. Chandrayan was India’s 1st attempt to reach Mars, The Success of Chandrayan set a benchmark and showed the world its true power. The key highlight of the Project was that Chandrayan traveled at $1/km making it cost-effective


3Ds would be the success mantra for the Indians in the 21st century:

  Demographic Dividend
   Determined to fulfill Demand

The Prime Minister in his speech clearly made us realize that with the 3Ds India is all set to conquer the world.

Chai-Wala Effect

Mr. Ren Parikh has been in the United States for the last 2 decades. Indians and their love to their motherland never die. Every Indian living in any part of the world is always connected to India. Mr. Ren Parikh has not only been connected to India for the last 2 decades but has also been working with Indian Manufacturers and helping them in exporting their products and services to the US Consumer.

Mr.Ren Parikh, being present in the Madison Square Garden, was truly inspired by the words of Shri Narendra Modi. The idea of bridging up the gap between the Indian and American market through setting up a network that provides valuable resources and promotes Indian MSMEs to scale their business in the United States came into his mind.

The Birth

The Idea of Supporting Indians into the United States and making Indians export-ready and being able to conquer led to the birth of the Indo-American MSME Network. The Indo-American MSME Network came into existence in 2015

Since 2015, IAMSME has worked with many Indian MSME very closely and helped them accelerate their business in the United States.IAMSME is providing all the possible solutions to all the Indian MSME in the United States from:-
  Launch In USA
  Grow In USA
  Scale in USA

Now with Mission 2025 on board, IAMSME Network is all set to make Indian Business owners expand their business overseas and create a benchmark by making the term Make In India familiar to the entire World.    

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